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Protect me from what I want

They tried to arrest me in Russia, for leather at St. Basil's. But all is calm in the red square, as I leave the east Parisbound.

They tried to arrest me in Russia for leather at st.basil's. But all is well in red square, as I leave the East tout a coup. Parisbound..

Chester French, super talented. Opened for me on fameball and their album is out this week. A modern 1960's surf-pop/hip-hop. Checkit out xo

Andrew Warhola

J'adore Paris. Je vous adore. Et "the lord gave me my face, but I can pick my own nose."

Amsterdam. Tv performance. all we need is love, and art, and eachother. Xxgaga

I just saw a fan write my lyrics on a paparazzi car. You're bad ass and I love you. Xxloveandart gaga
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