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Lady GaGa-Lady Starlight's Transmission from Chicago

Kaunis Esposa
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From Gaga

Самая лучшая гитара это барабаны.(с)
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Hello my dears. Every moment and conscious reality of my day is spent thinking of new ways to tell stories. The old gang from NY has been on the road with me quite a bit, and will be returning in Boston. The transmission gagavisions are not gone forever, but have been seriously outdated. The last transmission was video footage from at least 6 months ago. The progression of the show, and the haus, the feverish loyalty of the fans, is very dear to me and is the nexus of my creativity. I want you to have the proper films we've been working on. Lady Starlight and I both love the transmission gaga visions, but we felt they needed to die. A slow heavy metal death. And thus became the birth of the new, POP CULTURE PARKING LOT. This series will take two aesthetic forms, the realist, and the surrealist. and is intended to document the spirit not just of myself, my music, and the haus, who you will get to know much better, but it is mostly intended to document you. The fans.

The fame ball is not about me. Its about YOU. Its about the music. Put your cameras down. Have a drink. Dance. And make strange love to eachother.

Here are someMpreviews of what Lady Starlight and I are working on.
To quote our famous gogo dancing pentagram record.
she's "forever my queen".

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Transmission Gaga-vison

Kaunis Esposa
Protect me from what I want
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